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"Dear Dan

My greatest thanks to you for all you've done. Your support throughout this process is greatly appreciated. I can't imagine anyone with greater professionalism in the way you've communicated and fulfilled all your roles. My mother could be demanding and always "suffered fools poorly". It's somehow fitting that someone with your high standards was the person who put the final stamp on her affairs.

Always grateful" -Bill M


Evan and I appreciate the work you do and god bless Gordon for showing us the path to your door" - Carole

"Dear Dan –

On behalf of myself and my sisters . . .I just wanted to thank you again for all your help in the last few months. Your expertise and calm assurance were invaluable to us during a very stressfull time. And your dedication - including your willingness to be helpful at any time of the day or night, weekdays and weekends - went above and beyond what any client could hope for. Many, many thanks. Best,

- Paula S.

"Hi, Dan –

We are very grateful for your services!

- Donna, Olympia, Washington

"Dan We just had a family meeting on Sunday . Everyone was in agreement that you, Dan have made a huge impact on our lives. you were right about insulin and how there were alternatives to how (the facility) was treating Dad you were right about nurses in family homes and how we could find one that would do insulin management you were right about adult family homes.

No one can say for sure but I think you have prolonged Dads life, but for sure have given him quality of life that just was not possible at (the facility) thank you"

-Mark L. Bellingham, WA

"I used Dan's services for about 3 years. When my mother needed to move into an assisted living facility she was living a considerable distance away from any of her relatives. Not only did he take her to doctor appointments - he also checked with the caregivers regularly to make sure her needs were being met. He would visit her on a regular basis to see how she was doing. He would contact me regularly with regards to my mother and give me any information he received from any doctor appointments she had. With his medical background he was able to explain to me, in terms I could understand, what the doctor had to say about her condition. Dan also educated me quite a bit on what is out there in regards to facilities and services for the aging population. Now that my mother is in a long term care facility all of that information I learned from him came in handy. I would recommend his services to anyone who has a need for a care manager...My experience was very positive and I really miss your service now that your responsibility has fallen on my shoulders!"

--Christine E., Arlington, Washington

"I first contacted Dan Smerken when trying to figure out what options I might have for my mother, who was in need of more care than we could provide at home. He was a wealth of information about available resources in their area, and kindly took the time to help me sort through what I should do. Then, my father was facing major surgery at age 89, just two months after my mother died. I live 3,000 miles away and could not take time off from work to care for my Dad. Dan again helped me locate appropriate caregivers, met with my Dad and helped me understand his needs, and, most impressively, even took pictures of my Dad in the hospital so I could see for myself how he was doing! Dan is extremely knowledgeable about the varied issues facing the elderly, and has fantastic connections with a wide range of service providers. Perhaps most importantly, Dan understands the emotional turmoil involved in caring for aging parents, and he helped me work through what would be best for my parents. My Dad still lives at home and I still have much greater peace of mind knowing that Dan is available to help me if the situation changes."

--Anita D, Durham, North Carolina

"At our request, Dan met with my mother and father in-law and did a wonderful "baseline" evaluation of their situation. Thankfully, at the time he noted that their overall health did not require any immediate changes to their living situation. However, he provided a thorough report which outlined several short-term and longer-term recommendations. This information proved invaluable later when my mother-in-law's condition declined and we had to work closely with DSHS and other agencies to obtain in-home care for her. Dan's thoughtful approach to care giving, his comprehensive knowledge of the health care system, and his patient explanations were much appreciated."

--Dean H, Whidbey Island, WA


Thank you so much for the amazingly comprehensive assessment of my mother-in-law. I think it will be so useful for my husband and his sisters to help decide how to proceed. Thanks again

--Rose Marie, Kansas City, MO

Mr. Smerken has been one of our contracted geriatric care managers since 2004. During this time he has completed numerous in-person assessments for our clients. All care plans completed by our contracted care managers are reviewed and scored with each assessment. Mr. Smerken has developed a written care plan and I am proud to say that he has one of the highest overall scores (ratings). Mr. Smerken's work is excellent. He has outstanding listening skills and exhibits a strong work ethic.

- -Lisa Z, Lifecare Inc. Westport Ct.


I think that you handled everything really well with Mom and Dad and it made a huge difference to me to be included in the discussion (so that’s for making that happen). . .I am really glad that we are working with you. Thanks!!

- - Patty M, Chicago Il.

Dan –

Thank you so much for all your help in this process. Your involvement helped keep everyone focused on what was important at the time.

- - Mary Jo L, Seattle WA

Thanks, Dan. I think the move went very well. We really appreciate your assistance. Made a complicated situation much, much better.

Charles L, Olympia WA

Hi Dan, Thank you again for all of your help. We obviously couldn't have made it though the week very well without you! Thank you again!

Robin J, Olympia WA

"Hi Dan,

Thank you once again! I am relieved that Mom has not been "automatically" scheduled for some procedure she didn't even understand. She just does not question doctors...or even doctors' offices, not ever!

It is SO good to have someone like, make that "it is so good to have YOU" on the ground there. You are doing all that I would and more. I am very grateful."

Kathy, Raleigh NC

"Dan has been in private practice for [5] years and has continued to provide competent and professional geriatric care management services during this time. He has earned a respected and trusted position in our community and we feel very comfortable referring consumers to him. . . He is an excellent care manager and an important community provider."

Dennis M Olympia, WA

"I have always been impressed with Dan's competency, his dedication, compassion for his clients and his positive attitude. I worked closely with Dan for 3 years as he managed a client who lived at [our retirement community] for a family from out of the area. Dan expressed his caring through words but more importantly through his actions. No task was left undone whether the client needed an advocate, new shoes, a medication change or a pep talk. His client loved him as a son and her fmily and I both respected his caring and ability plus his willingness to work many hours to add joy and meaning to her life. . . His wisdom and experience in caring for people add quality to any project of which is he is a part. If I ever needed someone to assist with a family member's case management, Dan would clearly be my first choice."

Carol S, Tumwater WA

"Hi Dan,

I just wanted to thank you for what you did to help me with (___) and the adult family home. She is still living in the same place and is settled, although she continues to very slowly decline, it is sad. I now go to see her about twice a week, she has accepted all of these changes. All in all it has worked out better than I expected it to.

Thanks again for your great help. I appreciate what you did.

Best regards"

-JW Seattle, WA

Hi Dan:

A quick note to update you on Mom's condition. We are so pleased with her progress since she moved to (the Adult Family Home you Recommended). She celebrated her 83rd birthday yesterday! My sister, my wife and I took her to Anthony's for lunch to celebrate her day. She was bright, responsive, talkative and overall very happy. Had some good laughs and a good lunch.

We have noticed gradual improvements with each visit at (the Adult Family Home).(The AFH owner)has given her wonderful attention and loving care. Mom recognizes and acknowledges (the owners) hard work, excellent meals and steady care, giving Mom the needed security and stability she requires. (The owner) is an angel.

Dan, we thank you again for assisting us in finding the perfect fit with (the adult family home). We feel blessed and so relieved to have (the AFH owner)in her life. Mom speaks very highly of (the owner)and her family. She has gotten to know (the owner's) mother and we understand they have had some great talks.

Thank you,

JR Olympia, WA''