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Valuable Aging Resources and Caregiver Information

Please note that these links go to other websites and are not the property or responsibility of Smerken Consulting.

Elder Abuse / Exploitation

Protecting Vulnerable Adults from Abuse and Neglect

Washington State's Vulnerable Adult Protection Act

Frauds that Target the Elderly

National Center on Elder Abuse


Caregiving 101


AAA Foundation Roadwise Review / Test Driving Skills Online

Older Adult Drivers with Cognitive Impairment

Tips for Independence and Driving Safety

Family Conversation with Older Drivers


What to Do When a Death Occurs

General Aging Issues

Resources on Aging on the World Wide WEB- Selected Links

Journals on Aging

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Association of America

Washington State Hearing Loss Association


Visit the Medicare Rights Center today!

Now consumers, caregivers and health care professionals can access the timeliest Medicare information and resources, including state-specific information on Medicare-covered services, coordination of benefits, and what to do in the prescription drug coverage gap. Medicare Interactive, the Medicare Rights Center’s unique online tool, lets you search within broad topics, look up basic information, or seek out specific terms.

Recommended Reading

Reading Recommendations for Caregivers

Educational Tutorials by The Kaiser Foundation

Medicare 101

Navigating Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefit

Medicaid and Long Term Care

ElderLaw Resources

Washington Law Help (Northwest Justice Project)

End of Life Resources

Palliative Care and End of Life Resources

NPR End of Life series

Funeral Arrangements

People's Memorial Association

Alzheimer's and Dementia Resources

Four short films for the newly diagnosed and their families

Excellent educational site on dementia and other cognitive disorders

ALZ Online - Caregiver Support Online (Univ of Fla)

What is Alzheimer's Disease?

Dementia Gateway

Alzheimer's disease

*An online slideshow about the brain and Alzheimer's Disease from the Alzheimer's Association

*The Alzheimer's Association is not responsible for information or advice provided by others, including information on Web sites that link to Association sites and on third party sites to which the Association links. Please direct any questions to

National Geographic Mapping Memory (animated graphic)

The Lewy Body Dementia Association

YouTube site for The Lewy Body Dementia Association

Person-Directed Dementia Care Assessment Tool This tool was designed to be used as a guide for identifying the elements involved in implementing person-directed dementia care

Long Term Care Alternatives

Affordable Housing

What is Affordable Housing?

Locate an Assisted Living Facility in Washington State

Locate an Adult Family Home in Washington State

Locate an Skilled Nursing Facility in Washington State

About Geriatric Care Management

What is Geriatric Care Management?

National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers

Selecting a Geriatric Care Manager

Helpful Products and Services

The Alzheimers Store (products to manage memory loss)

AbleData (Assistive Technology Products)

Articles of Interest

Read: The New Old Age: Why Hire a Geriatric Care Manager? By Jane Gross of the New York Times

Read: 10 things-to-know-about-assisted-living (NYTimes)


Advances in Aging - Video Lectures from the University of Arizona


Aids for Patients with Low Vision