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Organizational Development

Is your organization's performance below expectation? Would you like to see improved morale, financial results or productivity?

Poor performance in one of these areas is often a lagging indicator of low morale among staff, poor communication between members of the team, and confusion about the goals of the organization; its mission and purpose.

Smerken Consulting provides assistance in organizational development to assist companies improve their performance by evaluating and identifying not so obvious causes of what are really systemic problems. Think of it as a "Shrink for the System".

An organizational "analysis" will:

  • Learn the stated goals and mission of the organization.

  • Interview leadership and staff in both individual and group settings.

  • Evaluate the responses for congruence's and identify issues that may cause lagging performance.

  • Provide a detailed report on these finding with recommendation for operational improvement.

  • Facilitate communication through the change process.

  • Monitor progress to maximize congruence of the goals, mission and performance objectives.